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Digital Innovation

Digital transformation is recognized unanimously as an important opportunity to increase the performance and the competitiveness of enterprises.
Facing up properly the automation of the business process guarantees enterprises development toward strategic goals and becomes a necessity to compete in the global markets.
A competent and reliable consultant facilitates the achievement of the goals and Netvalue proposes itself for this role in order to innovate the organizations through the use of technological tools and flexible work (i.e. coworking and homeworking); to develop e-commerce solutions; to automatize procedures; to support digitalization in every business aspects.


The connectivity solutions cover wireline services (ultrabroadband access and Voip) and mobile services (brand nvmobile) . Netvalue's wireline service portfolio includes Fiber to the Home (FTTH), Fiber to the Cabinet (FTTC), HDSL, ADSL and Fixed Wireless in the areas not yet covered by ultrabroadband. Details related to the offers are available in the specific page.
VOIP services are also available based on Sip Trunking (numbers and traffic).
Netvalue is Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) with the brand NV and offers a wide range of services to match all the needs of enterprise's mobile communications. NV mobile prepaid offers has different profiles to satisfy customers costs expectations. Information related to the offers are available in the specific page.

Managed IT Services

Netvalue's Cloud solutions include a wide range of IT services fully managed (both Windows and Linux OS). Netvalue has in place agreements with national and international IaaS provider to satisfy any specific need of its Customers.

NV VDC (Virtual Data Center) is the IaaS service that allows the activation of virtual VMware servers dynamically configurable on CPU, RAM and disk space based on the Customer needs (Windows or open source). The services include incremental backups, antivirus, firewalls, MS SQL Server Licenses, public IP addresses.

NV Backup Cloud is the backup solution as a service based on market leader platforms, completely automated and able to guarantee the data protection and the business continuity.

Cloud Applications

Cloud applications portfolio includes solutions of Unified Communication, Collaboration, Messaging, Multichannel Contact Center, Chat Bot and every kind of communication among people and between people and systems both through the voice and through texts.

NV UC is the cloud platform that integrates PBX, videoconference, presence, instant messaging, online meetings with contents sharing, audioconference and fax to simplify the way of working, also in mobility.

Messaging services include professional email, SMS, customized app and social networks communications. Netvalue develops ad-hoc projects based on Customers requirements integrated via API with the existing applications.

XCALLY is the innovative solution of omnichannel contact centre that provides one of the best user experience multi-channel for voice, chat, email, sms, fax and additional channels such as social networks, video, ... through standard API. A real time dashboard allows a perfect control of the operations of the Contact Centre and assures the highest quality of the delivered services.

The natural evolution of contact centers will be the interaction with systems based on artificial intelligence(AI) managing all kind of communication, thru automated messages or virtual vocal assistants (chatbots). NetValue is releasing innovative services in this area thanks to the collaborations with national and international research centers.

NetValue supports specific Customers needs with its software development team.

IoT and Big Data

IoT solutions include mobile sims with public or private APN to connect smart objects and systems to collect and delivery data records based on most used protocols.

The data can be stored on data lake to be processed real time or deferred. The big data solutions refers to data analysis, algorithmics for the predictive features and machine learning implementations.

The data processing will allow the creation of dashboards and augmented reality images. The development of IoT applications and big data is supporting Industry 4.0 strategy. Netvalue is focusing on vertical markets aiming to propose specific solutions to support Customers efficiency in adopting digital solutions.